Changes Are Coming..

In an effort to better serve our client, we are announcing some new changes!  Communication changes, to be exact.


Some of our new forms that you are seeing:


  • Submission to Processing Form – a verification of Borrower information, Loan terms, and other pertinent data.  This form is sent to AFS when your loan is ready for us to process
  • Loan Officer Needs List – this regular written communication will keep you up to date on items needed to complete the process
  • Verification of Final Terms – we have all experienced changes during the course of a loan — terms/borrowers/rates – and more.  By submitting this Verification of Final Terms sheet, we can insure that the Underwriter is reviewing the most up to date, correct information


Please do not hesitate to contact any of the AFS staff; we are here to serve, and our goal is for you to see an increased effort to decrease your loan processing turn time.


We appreciate your business!