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Finding good mortgage processors can be challenging and time intensive. Many candidates often have limited experience, and if experienced, may demand top wages. On top of all this you have loan volumes that are fluctuating depending on what interest rates are doing that day. These are challenges every lender has to deal with….how to find a solid mortgage processing staff and ensure they’re being used most effectively.

Argentum Fulfillment Services provides an effective solution – turn-key mortgage processing for lenders large and small. We take care of recruiting, training and retaining mortgage processing staff. What is more, you pay us by the loan, not a fixed monthly fee. This provides you a way to align your operational costs with revenue, even during market fluctuations. Argentum’s staff of processors average over 15 years of experience. You get the same one-on-one attention to your loans that you do with an in-house processor, the same visibility of your pipeline, and the same control over your files.

Processing Features – WHAT YOU GET

  • Order FHA case numbers
  • Order Flood Certificate, order title work, payoff(s) and subordinations
  • Order appraisals
  • Order VOM’s and VOR’s
  • Complete all VVOE’s
  • Verify disclosures are accurate and complete
  • Review credit report, asset statements, pay stubs and W-2’s
  • Submit to Underwriting and Clear conditions
  • Generate closing documents and review for accuracy
  • Coordinate closing schedule

Loan Officer Documents

  • Submission to Processing Form – complete this form with loan terms and expectations, and send to your Processor
  • Verification of Final Terms – this is a final verification of essential items for the loan; please compete prior to submitting the loan to Underwriting

Argentum begins every relationship with a conversation to determine workflow, current staff capabilities, volume projections and technologies used. With this information in hand, we can help you to be well positioned to manage the changing, increasingly regulated mortgage environment while controlling costs and increasing quality.

Verification of Final Terms

Submission to Processing Form

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